Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Jersey Skunk Alert!


Just when you think that an insurance company has hit bottom with their ploys not to pay a claim they surprise you and find some other, even more underhanded way, to avoid paying out.

Over the course of the last year Western World has managed to delay any payout to the insured owner of a vandalized store in New Jersey, by making multiple demands for the same information which had already been provided several times and other demands for information which only the tenant renting the store would have.

Now, in the latest delay ploy, Western World Insurance Group has cross filed on the store's prior tenant, adding them to the suit and saying, without any proof whatever that the tenant may have caused the damage and any recovery to the building owner should be paid by this renter. Of course there is absolutely no indication of the renters involvement in the matter and despite a lengthy police investigation, no charges have ever been filed against them or anyone else.

The only thing accomplished with this cross filing is to delay the eventual payout and add years of litigation. Western World now attempts to remove itself from any involvement by making the tenants the insurer for the damage yet keeping years of premiums paid by the property owner.

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